About Us

Welcome!…to the web-home of the 1st Binbrook Traditional Scouting Group (BPSA)

This simplified web page, is here, only as long as it takes. So, please bear with it’s “bare bones” approach, there is a lot more information to share, and in a lot prettier way… and that will come.

What is the Baden Powell Service Association, aka BPSA?
The BPSA, is one of five or six legally incorporated Scouting organizations currently operating within Canada, and a member of an International Federation.

Short highlights of the BPSA include; 

  • are a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • have a thorough screening process for ALL program Leaders, including but not limited to Police Check, Vulnerable Sector Search, multiple interactive (non-email-automated) reference checks, personal interviews, and a probationary period.
  • are fully Volunteer run, with no financial resources going to paid staff or facility overhead.
  • carry full program Insurance, starting at $5 million in liability coverage.
  • are Traditional in origins, but Progressive in program – welcoming all to take part. (gender, faith, culture, economic status, etc.)
  • include program and training materials to support both Leaders and Youth
  • are youth led, in the truest Scouting sense
  • have safety rules, guidelines, and support, to ensure that youth safety and protection, is the top priority
  • recognize past Scouting history, training, and honours, that volunteers bring forward from anywhere

Who are the Group sponsors?
The Binbrook Ag Society is our Chartered Group Sponsor, for the 1st Binbrook BPSA Scouting Group, and we appreciate their continued support! (www.BinbrookAgSociety.org)
The Binbrook United Church is also a partner and host for our group. We do many events, activities, and activities in partnership with both of these fine community institutions, and others, on a regular basis! Please thank them, when you get the chance. 

What are the program age Groups?
Otters – ages 5-7 (or, SK to Grade 2)
Timber Wolves – ages 8-10 (or, Grade 3 to Grade 5) (currently full, taking names on a waiting list, please email)
Explorers – ages 11-14/15 (or, Grade 6 to Grade 9)
Senior Explorers – ages 15-17/18 (or, Grade 10-12)
Rovers – ages 18+

As you can see, there are grey areas on the ages, in particular in the older Explorers, allowing for flexibility in the maturity of the youth, and their ability to truly operate safely on their own, as Scouting has always intended.

Where/when do you meet?
Otters – Mondays – Binbrook Ag Hall – 630-745pm
Timber Wolves – Tuesdays – Binbrook Ag Hall – 700-830pm
Explorers & Senior Explorers – Wednesdays – Binbrook United Church – 700-900pm
Rovers – Meet as planned by the Crew

When will you start regular program this year?
After the Binbrook Fall Fair

How much does it cost to Register as a Member?
Registration is $40  –  and of that, $34+ is for our National Insurance, and the remainder is used to facilitate web hosting, and other miscellaneous central expenses. (Quartermaster storage, printing, etc – this $40, and ONLY THIS $40, leaves our community)
This registration will be valid, until October 31 of the following year. (Oct 31, 2023)

Are there additional fees?
We will also ask for an additional $125 program fee. (for a total of $165)
None of that will leave the local group, and it will support the program and youth directly.
It will include uniforms, necker, books, badges, and give the group some starting resources to run program.

Camps and special events, will have additional costs, based on attendance. That will pay for event-specific costs like site fees, food, materials, etc.

We have more questions, who do we ask?
Email info@1stBinbrook.org and ask… if you’d prefer to chat on the phone, meet for a distanced discussion, or have a Zoom call – we can do that too. Or call 905-692-0693.

How do we register for the 2022-2023 year?   (renewals for existing members will be handled separately)

  1. Complete & submit the Youth Membership Application Form.
    On a PC or Mac, using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can save and email this to us. Or, print it and bring to us. (please ensure you sign)
  2. Complete & submit the Youth Medical Form.  (Note: the “Medial Plan #” referred to on the form, is your OHIP Number, in Ontario)
    This is similarly fill-able, however it is not “legally advised” to email medical forms in Ontario. (we won’t refuse them, but you’re not supposed to, and thus its a separate form)
  3. Send by Interac email money transfer; $165 to info@1stBinbrook.org
    Or, bring $165 cash with the forms.
    Or, bring a $165 cheque, made out to “1st Binbrook BPSA Scouting Group”.
    (cheques are presently a pain, if you can avoid them… but they are still possible)

And we’ll be in touch!

There are likely many more questions… and as time allows, we’ll get the answers on here, and pretty up the page a bit more….