22nd Annual Inclusive Big Rig Run – 2023

March 4th, 2023 – LOCATION CHANGE – Binbrook Fairgrounds – 2600 Regional Road #56 – Binbrook – Main Hall

10:00am to 3:30 pm – All are welcome – Details at the end (NOTE TIME CHANGE FOR SNOW)

Not sure what this is all about? Here is a link to a slightly dated YouTube video we put out in 2015, but it should give you some ideas…


Plus…. this is a link to our OLD webpage, where we have past race stats, and if you scroll down, the thumbnails of some of the past trucks. If you Google “scout trucks”, you’ll also get some great ideas! http://www.1stBinbrook.org/brr-old

$12 admission, includes a solid pizza lunch, beverage, souvenir crest, and prizes. (payable at the registration table, on race day)
All payments should be made to 1st Binbrook Scouting Group.
(cash, cheque, credit card, or debit card)
Or – if you wish to pay ahead, Interac e-Transfer to info@1stBinbrook.org

Snack bar, drinks, also available throughout the day.

Additional Adult/Parent/Leader, and non-participating youth lunch tickets, will be on sale at the arrival desk, prior to 10am.

Additional badges (for leaders or others) will be for sale, after check-in of participants is completed and we have verified that we have enough.

Email Bigrigrun@1stBinbrook.org to register… mandatory ahead of time!

We need the names, group, and race class, of ALL participants (or even potential participants) before March 1st, THIS WILL HELP US AVOID ANY DELAYS ON THE MORNING OF THE RACE. If you register, and don’t show up, that is a-OK – we only schedule those who check-in.
Groups can send us an entire spreadsheet of their whole group, if they want.
(it is better to have you in the computer, and not check you in, than to have to stand there typing your name into a computer!)
We may have to limit the numbers this year, so once the maximum is reached NO WALK-IN REGISTRATION WILL BE ALLOWED.

Binbrook Fairgrounds
2600 Regional Road #56, Binbrook. Main Hall.

Map:  https://goo.gl/maps/o7CD1SiCAUSr3Vki7

Prizes:  we try and have prizes for all participants, so if your workplace, family, or group can come up with anything to donate, it’s always appreciated!
Not unlike collecting for a “golf tournament”, most companies have something they can donate. Shirts, hats, camping gear, gift cards, etc.

Scout Class Vessel RULES – supporting many unorthodox and creative classes… it’s not just about the standard box.
One Kilo Max! Prizes for creative work as well.

GO WILD Ultimate Class RULES – for Seniors/Venturers/Rovers/Leaders/Adults… (keep ‘yer hands off the youth trucks, and make yer’ own!!)
… max weight here, hits 3 kilos, and motors etc allowed….

It’s all in good fun, come on out and make a day of it with other youth from the nearby areas!
(sorry, no Beaver Buggies or KubKars allowed, this is SERIOUS racing only!)

Attendance/Welcome Details – ie: “who can come”

This is a 100% inclusive Scouting event.
That is, any members of a registered and insured youth-serving organization, who identify with the origins of the Baden-Powell family as their original source, are most welcome to attend and join in.

Our expectations and understandings in this area are pretty simple:

  1. Youth members will be in their uniforms from the waist up, such as your group might wear for a community-facing event. (in our group, that’s their uniform shirt & necker, for example)
  2. All those in uniform, will be current registered & insured members, within the criteria of your organization.
  3. Adult/Leaders in uniform, will be similarly registered & insured, and fully screened and PRC/VSS checked, per your organization’s policies.
  4. Your youth, will be your responsibility, at all times.
  5. Adult/Leaders in uniform, will not give direction to youth from other groups, except in situations of immediate urgency or emergency. (let’s not be stupid about this, we simply mean that the kids come first in all of our organizations)
  6. Parents & siblings with parents, are welcome to attend.
    They can buy a lunch ticket before 10am, and will be fed.
    They are not covered/insured, and are their own parent’s responsibility in the case of siblings. By walking in the door, they agree to this.
  7. Other unattached adults, unregistered members, etc – are not welcome.
    This is not a public event.
  8. Ask any questions – we can adjust this to better suit any additional needs of your org.
    (I tried to think of most things)