Leader Renewal for 2024-2025

This form, hopes to replace your need to fill out yet another two page set of paper, if possible. It will require that you login to OSM to check your “on file” information from past submitted forms. If you can’t make it work, please ask or use a new registration form again.
(yes, OSM has an option to reset your password, if you have misplaced it, or not used it at all yet – but, everyone has an account)

Leader Renewal for 2024-2025
Application for Renewal of a Leader Membership
BP Service Association (BPSA) within 1st Binbrook Scouting

Applicable to the Scouting year starting November 1, 2024 and ending October 31, 2025.

For RENEWALS only. For new members, please contact info@1stBinbrook.org for the correct forms package.

In references to Online Scout Manager below, please use this link to login and validate previously recorded information:   Online Scout Manager  (click here)

I have logged into the Online Scout Manager system, using the link above, and I have reviewed our previously submitted personal contact information, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses, and;
I have reviewed the previously submitted medical information page, and;
Since the last submission of forms, I have completed or renewed training in the following areas;
I hereby apply to be renewed as a member in the BP Service Association and to participate fully in all activities.
I confirm that I have received a copy of, have read, understand and agree to abide by the Association's Child Protection Policy.
I agree to uphold and abide by the Policy, Organization and Rules (PO&R) of the BP Service Association.
I hereby acknowledge that as an adult member I have the responsibility to be a good role model to the youth members of the association. I am accountable for my actions and understand that should the Provincial Council deem my behavior to be inappropriate or in contravention of the Scout Laws, my membership will be cancelled.
I release the BP Service Association and its Leaders, Directors and Officers of any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to person or property whatsoever sustained in connection with its activities.
I hereby grant the BP Service Association permission to use my image in all publications, both print and electronic, and display on the Association’s websites. I also give permission for the BP Service Association to give this image to a reputable third party, when requested, for both print and electronic publications.
I declare, there are no criminal charges pending against me, in Canada or abroad.
I declare, I have received no criminal convictions at any time, outside of Canada.
I declare, since the last Criminal Background Check collected by the BPSA, or since the last Application Renewal and Declaration given by me to the BPSA, that I have had no convictions under the Criminal Code of Canada up to and including the date of this declaration for which a pardon has not been issued or granted under the Criminal Records Act (Canada).