Renewal of Membership for 2022-2023

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Renewal of Membership for 2022-2023
Application for Renewal of a Youth Membership
BP Service Association (BPSA) within 1st Binbrook Scouting

Applicable to the Scouting year starting November 1, 2022 and ending October 31, 2023.

For RENEWALS only. For new members, please visit our new member page.

In references to Online Scout Manager below, please use this link to login and validate previously recorded information:   Online Scout Manager  (click here)

I would like this member renewed for the 2022-2023 1st Binbrook BPSA Scouting season, in the following program:
I have logged into the Online Scout Manager system, using the link above, and I have reviewed our previously submitted personal contact information, mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses, and;
I have reviewed the previously submitted medical information page, and;
I hereby grant the 1st Binbrook BPSA permission to use images in all publications, both print and electronic, and display on the Association’s websites. I also give permission for the BP Service Association to give this image to a reputable third party, when requested, for both print and electronic publications. We commit that we will NOT “tag” or identify any member by name, in any form of publication electronic or otherwise, without specific parental permission. We also do not post on Facebook.
I agree to continue to receive emails and messages from 1st Binbrook BPSA and acknowledge that our email address(s) will not be knowingly shared beyond the BP Service Association. Youth will not be contacted by an adult without another Leader or Parent being included.
I agree to the combined (Membership & Program Fee) renewal rate of $165, covering the season ending October 31, 2023. I have already, or will shortly, make payment by:
I grant permission for my son/daughter/ward to continue to be a member in the BP Service Association and to participate fully in all activities.
We are 100% volunteer run.
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