7th Annual Winter Skills Camp 2018 – The Snowball Challenge!
February 2-4th, 2018 @ Camp Manitou

Be Prepared... Survival is not Optional!

Ok, so it's not exactly an Iron Throne, but when it's below zero, them damn Kybo seats feel like they might as well be!

Details below… but if you enjoyed J4E, and Scout Basics, this is the camp for your patrols!

Email now, and book your spot. First come, first served!

Good day fellow Scout Leaders,

Please feel free to share this with your team, and forward the email/info as you see fit, or need to.

February 2-4, 2018

Camp Manitou in  -
http://scoutdocs.ca/Camps/Camps.php?camp=manitou or http://campmanitou.scouter.ca/

Plus the added potential option to build snow shelters, on the Sunday preceding it – Jan 29 if you like, survey the sites, get the lay of the land, get your Scouts comfortable with the site/camp, in daylight ahead of time.
(more will attend!)

The objective of each year’s Winter Skills Camp, is to build on the excellent success of your Fall Scout Skills & Basics work, and on our past experiences with Winter Camping, together. Patrols and Troops, supporting each other. Challenge for the Snowball Cup, and while we will never "program fun", many times it is the naturally occurring by-product of good Scout program.

Giving youth the chance to challenge themselves in a safe way, but in a way that they come away with serious bragging rights... "OH Yeah?! I spent 48 hours outdoors this weekend, and not only did I survive, I did well at it!"

Whether you have one patrol, two patrols, or seven patrols - we all work together and support each other!
(Troop/Patrol twinning most welcome! - Day visitors most welcome!)


What’s it like at our Winter Skills Camp?  See our Video:

Informational video for Scouters and Scout Leaders:

Our objective, as a collection of average Scouters, is to support each other in the delivery of a good quality program-supportive event, where the youth are challenged as a patrol, take care of themselves, and meet the Winter Scouting elements of our Program, using the Scout Method.

Here should be all of the details...


A number of events have already been spoken for out of personal interest, but if you have something you like to share during a winter camp, please get in touch.
As Scouters and Leaders, we plan and run the challenges, many times with help from our Rovers and Venturers - feel free to engage them now, and plan something.

From the water machine, to the snowshoe wide game, it’s all good.

And… the Snowball Challenge Cup, is up for grabs!

Please ask any. There are no stupid questions. 🙂

On behalf of all Scouters involved.
…in Service

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